This is a Blogger's dream come true:

Connections Academy BLOG TO BIZ COURSE gives you a proven platform for your new profitable online business.

Strategies, Sales, Marketing. Wherever you live.  

Come learn with us in October 2016. 

Open Only to the First 150 ~

You will learn:

How to create a business from home with resources available at your fingertips.

How to brand yourself, and create your own mission.

How to create connections within your community.

How to create value in your services.

How to market your service and sell ad space.

How to generate sustainable income.

You are sure to be as blessed by this business as my family is.

  • Only ONE SALE could cover your tuition for this Academy! 

  • No more selling MLM products for only a small percentage... 

  • No more selling affilliate ads for next-to-nothing.

  • A business model with recurring annual income.  


This is legit and I am SO excited you are here!


Take the guess-work out of what's next... Now, let's get started!

We've got real work to do and REAL INCOME to create.

-Dana, Founder, Salesperson, and Your New Teacher


I gave up my career to stay home with my children. In search of an outlet and business opportunity, I started a blog and became frustrated at the difficulty to monetize.  I am a woman who loves on her family but wanted to contribute more... possibly this sounds a little like you. What was missing was an income... a monetary contribution to our family, a pride that I can't help but tie financially.  

It came to me overnight! A vision and a path to generate Real Income in Real Time.  I jumped-in head first, created a business, systems, worked out the bugs, and am READY to share it with others who are like me! I literally generated over $2,000 in income in only 30 days. AND, the framework is in place for this to continue for years to come.

There are no gimmicks here... nothing sleazy to sell, just helpful information you are repackaging for your community. It's a wonderful platform and you can do it too.

Where do you live? Urban? Suburbia? The Country? This business can created anywhere! By this, I mean literally ANYWHERE. I live in rural America ~ a town of 400 and my business is flourishing. What a blessing it is to my family, my community, and my soul. 

This same business model can be duplicated and successful.  I can't wait to teach you!

-Dana Clausen,

Founder of Connections Academy


This BLOG TO BIZ E-Course Will be Sold to Only 150 of You! 

  • A close-knit group of motivated new business owners looking to grow together.

  • Each of you with different skills, communities, and visions - brought together with one goal, platform, strategy, course, and mission.  

  • Plus, we will be connected with each other on this journey in one Private Facebook Community.  

Connections is Your: Platform to Payday



Have a specific question before you enroll?  

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-Dana, Founder @ Connections Academy

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